"Whatever happens, it won't be the end..."


Delve into the realm of Prenitia, with the first in the brand new Of Preludes & Epitaphs series...

"Full to the brim with magic and wonder…”
"This book is quite extraordinary, it is a breath of fresh air..."
“This story is pure magic, and I’m very pleased to learn there’s more still to come…”
“No book has engrossed me so much since Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune’.

The usurper king of Matara razes a nation in search of its missing queen. The city witch fights for her life against the necromancer holding her prisoner. And in the faraway village of Rayan its people refuse to barricade their home, over-confident of their own safety.

When tragedy strikes the survivors find themselves stranded and struggling to find help, blossoming love is torn apart and long-held secrets tarnish a courageous journey through their dangerous landscape and magical realms.

Can they maintain solidarity and search for a saviour in the presence of the unbelievable? Will any of them truly be able to pull Prenitia from this darkest of times?

When Telena delved into the dusty books she could never have guessed her own dark journey with these mythical names had but begun.

Take up your sword for the brand new epic fantasy series, and prepare for The Fate of Vultures - the battles of magic have just begun...




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The Fate of Vultures (Of Preludes & Epitaphs Book 1)

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