I'm self-published, and my services are primarily here to assist other self-published writers. Whether you write fiction, non-fiction, picture books or articles (or anything else!), there might something I can do to assist you. I know it can be especially difficult for new authors to get going with their work, and costs can be high to bring work up to standard.


If you are brand new, have nothing published, and find it difficult to develop your ideas or manuscript, or are having trouble finding willing alphas, betas or formatters, and cannot afford the high rates out there, get in touch, we'll see what can be done.

Alpha/Beta Reading

You've got your story, it might or might not be finished yet, but you know where you start and where you want to go. Still something's not right.


If your manuscript isn't going the way you want, you're stuck on a story element, or just can't see the wood for the trees you'll want an Alpha Read. I will help you untangle confused elements, story dead ends, or give a general continuity check. An Alpha Read is for the early stages of your project, whole or in part, and we'll work together to develop your story the way you want it, and see how best to make your work shine.

If you've completed your manuscript, have or haven't had an Alpha Read, and want a reader's-eye view of your story, then a Beta Read is for you.


If you are ready for straightforward, honest and clear commentary, no delicate and vague approaches, then I might be the reader for you. As writers it's important to develop a thick skin, and be able to separate your emotional attachment to your story (we all have it) so you can honestly critique it. I won't tell you to change anything, but I will tell you what does or doesn't work for me as a reader, based on the elements of the story, with inline comments and a summary at the end.


Whether you have an ebook or print, formatting can be laborious, especially with large manuscripts containing multiple elements.

Working together on your manuscript (sorry, no picture books at the moment!) - whether you want your novel with personalised title imagery, or logo ornamental breaks, verses, quotes or in-chapter subheadings - we'll find a way to make it happen.

I use Vellum, a Mac program designed specifically for this use. The manual formatting for manuscripts includes margins, indentation, gutters etc. and these are the elements processed automatically for Vellum, so the content can be the focus, as it should be.


We'll work together with the design you'd like and discuss what can be done to develop your manuscript into readable and fresh published material.

I no longer manual format for paperbacks as the time necessary for it I no longer have!

Rates & Terms

Alpha Reads/Beta Reads

I don't charge for these, but you must be a new(ish) author (first or second book) who is in need of a bit of support. As a writer, my time is limited, so I can usually only help out on writer at a time. But get in touch.

If you want to sample my alpha/beta reading then get in touch and I'll give you a 1000 word sampler to see if we mesh.

I read any genre. I think books should be able to cater to the casual reader as well as the nuanced fan, and so I'm open to working with authors of all themes. I am not, nor ever will be, a sensitivity reader, and if you are looking for a politically correct review you will be disappointed.


ebook only - £15 

 - includes standard .mobi and .epub files for submission to all major outlets

print only - £10

- includes print-ready .pdf 

ebook & print - £20

- includes all types of publishable files

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